How to marry without getting into debt

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One of the most important moments in our life is when we decide to change our marital status, getting married goes beyond saying “yes I accept and lived happily ever after”, especially because there are couples that after that “yes I accept” is “and lived indebted for the next 10 years. ”

Whether we want a small or a large celebration, it is important to plan every detail so that we do not make an unpayable debt, we must take into account everything, engagement rings, party, dress, honeymoon, etc.

A wedding in Mexico for 100 people has an average cost between $ 150 and $ 200 thousand pesos, counting from the purchase of the engagement ring to the honeymoon. Obviously everything depends on tastes and agreements between the couple, so you do not run out of money, we give you some tips.


As with all expenses, this is the most important thing, to know how much money you have and how much you need. It is valid to have a loan or financing for a wedding , but we must also take into account which is best for you.

We have to make the division of this budget, usually in what is spent most is at the party, but as we mentioned at the beginning is a matter of taste, we distribute the money properly and respect it.

You are getting married, ask for a loan


Find someone who knows how to organize weddings is important, there are experts who charge for their services and we must count in the budget, but there are also friends who already had this experience and who are surely in a position to help us.

Budget for your wedding


Let’s analyze all the possibilities, we must ask for quotations of all the anticipated expenses, from the different places where we want the wedding, to the diversity of banquets that there are. If your wedding advisor sends you quotes, let’s ask to include several options.

Ask for a loan


A wedding is, in many occasions, a unique moment in life. Sticking to an initial budget is part of the peace of mind we can have during planning, but especially after the wedding. If you asked for a loan, do not stop making your punctual payments and now yes, live happily ever after.


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